Our Story

AllBody is an all inclusive clothing line made for everyone of all genders, ages, sizes, races, abilities, sexualities, ethnicities & religions. We were founded by myself (Emma Tamsin Hill), and my wonderful dad Adrian (I’m the creative side, he’s the boring business side) as we have grown my cousin Alice has joined our team. She prints & embroiders every garment in house as well as dealing with day to day emails & orders. I’m not very good at all this professional “write about how great I am” stuff but let me tell you my story…

At a young age being a bigger girl I soon learnt through TV, magazines & advertising that people that looked like me weren’t the stereotypical ideal of beauty. As I got older and ventured into my teen years this grew into me really disliking my body. I hated being bigger and thought all my problems would be solved if I looked like everyone else who were smaller and I would “fit in”. Despite this I still had a keen interest in fashion. I remember being 10 years old playing with my “be a fashion designer” toy, locking myself in my room for hours to draw up my imaginary collections. I ended up at university where I graduated with a 1st class honours degree in Fashion Styling.Then came the inevitable “what do I do now?” I had the qualifications and knowledge but couldn’t see the next step. 

I began working for my parents business during this period of time and decided to start a YouTube channel. I continued to do both for a while before my channel really began to grow. Just prior to this I had discovered the “Body Positive” and “Self Love” community on Instagram. Following accounts that spread the message that it’s ok to be who you are and to love all the things you once hated. This sparked something within me. Seeing bigger women talk about their insecurities that I related too but also showing the world that your body does not define you whilst being fashion icons was so empowering for me, so I finally began my own self love journey.

Bringing it all together

At first YouTube was a bit of fun. I had religiously watched it from around the age of 12 and when I started uploading videos it was a platform for my plus size fashion content like hauls (which are still my most requested videos to this day!) This progressed to advice segments for younger girls which I named my “Girl Talks”. Then fairly early on in my YouTube career I was approached by BBC3 who approached me to present a documentary about dating & relationships within the plus size world. This was huge exposure and still to this day I receive amazing messages about how its helped how people view the topic. As my little community on the internet continues to grow, now above 120,000 on YouTube and nearly 100,000 on Instagram, I was always being asked by my followers “Are you ever going to do a range of clothing?”


I wanted to create a brand that represented something, something more important than just YouTuber merchandise with my name plastered all over it. I wanted to create something that teenage Emma needed. Images that represented all people and not just the society’s ideal of beauty. That’s when me and my dad decided to start AllBody. Everything is designed with uplifting messages and empowerment in mind. A broad range of sizing was essential as I didn’t want anyone to feel left out, just like I used to feel back when plus size fashion wasn’t as popular as it is today. It is a dream come true to be able to share this journey with you all. Starting in February of 2019 we have come a long way, we are just about to release our first bespoke tracksuit (December 2020) and I couldn’t be happier that so many people feel seen & included by our brand.


Remember, you are beautiful inside and out & I hope when you wear AllBody it serves as your reminder. 



Emma x