About AllBody UK

AllBody UK is an all inclusive clothing line of slogan t-shirts and sweats made for all ages, genders, sizes & races. We were started by myself (Emma Tamsin Hill) with help from my dad (I’m the creative side, he’s the boring business side). I’m not very good at all this professional “write about how great I am” stuff so let me tell you my story…

As a young girl growing up I always struggled with how I viewed myself and being a bigger girl I soon learnt through TV, magazines & advertising that people that looked like me weren’t the ideals of beauty. As I got older and ventured into my teen years my self loathing really began. I hated being fat and honestly thought all my problems would be solved if I looked like everyone else and was slim. At the same time I also had a keen interest in fashion. I remember being 10 years old and having my “be a fashion designer” toy and would lock myself in my room for hours to draw up my imaginary collections. This in turn lead me to go to university where I achieved a 1st class honours degree in Fashion Styling. After university I was left in this dark hole of “what do I do now ?” I had the qualifications and knowledge but was also a big girl from the north trying to pursue a career in fashion.

I worked for my parent’s food wholesale business for a little while whilst I tried to plan for my future and at the same time I started my YouTube channel “Emma Tamsin”. Prior to this I had started learning more about the “Body Positive” and “Self Love” community on Instagram. I was following accounts that spread the message that its ok to be who you are and to love all the things you once hated, this was revolutionary for me. Seeing bigger women talk about their insecurities and issues they were trying to overcome within themselves but also be unafraid of fashion and look amazing was so important to me and that representation and visibility helped me start to appreciate and love myself.

At first YouTube was a bit of fun. I had religiously watched it from around the age of 12 and when I started uploading videos it was a platform where I mainly made plus size fashion related content like hauls & look books but also did advice segments for younger girls which I named my “Girl Talks”. Fairly early on in my YouTube career I was approached by BBC3 who were creating a documentary about dating & relationships within the plus size world and they wanted me to be the presenter and this gave me a lot more exposure. As time went on I have amassed 78,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 45,000 on Instagram. A question I was always being asked by my followers was “when are you going to bring out a clothing range ?”

I had thought about it for a while and came to the conclusion that I wanted to create a brand that represented something more important than just YouTuber merch with my name plastered on it. I wanted to create something that I needed to see when I was younger that represented all people and not just the stereotypically beautiful. So, from that moment on me and my dad started working on AllBody UK. I designed all the pieces with motivational & uplifting slogans on them made to make people smile and appreciate themselves. It was vital for me to do a broad range of sizing as I didn’t want anyone to feel left out like I used to feel back when plus size fashion wasn’t as popular as it is today. I used my friends from different backgrounds to model for me and with one small dream I am hoping to create something very special. Our first drop is 4 Tees and 2 sweats but we hope to expand our range in a big way in the future if we are successful with the initial offering. I want to thank everyone for giving me a platform where I can make little 10 year old Emma’s dreams come true.

Learning to love and appreciate myself was a long and difficult road and I hope even if it is the smallest thing like an AllBody T-shirt that can spark your journey, you can learn that you are important, special & beautiful too.